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jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

“Just try not to forget: Healing hearts is what I do”

No hace falta palabrería para presentar el último poema de David M. Bailey, quien como yo, conVive con su Intruso. A David lo conocemos por las pasadas entradas del 7, 8 y 9 de julio del corriente.

Holy Healer (David M. Bailey)

I said Lord, I need to talk to you where do I begin?

Feeling fragile with these scars on both sides of my skin

Guess I kinda wondered if you know how I feel

And is possible that someday, somehow I will heal?

Good grief, david: God said with a sigh

I got a billion ways to answer that; which one should I try?

I said You promised youd never leave but I bet its crossed your mind

I know a lot of other people more deserving of your time

God said is that what you think? Cuz thats what they think too -

And all of you are wrong - Now lets just think this through:

Theres a whole lotta you but only one of Me

Do you think I would subject Myself to exclusivity?

No, my child, it simply doesnt work that way

Im here for all of you every second, every day

Now, as for your scars trust me, I understand

I got scars myself 1 in both my hands

The good news is that yes, they heal after awhile

Try not to be impatient; find someone who makes you smile

That shouldnt be too hard; I put angels everywhere

They help me reach out to you and show how much I care

Though you may not believe it, your heart will heal too

It wont happen overnight, but Im gonna stay with you

Yeah, stick with Me and Ill show you exactly how to start

Theres a room up here in heaven where I fix the broken hearts

But the one that you got now is all youll ever need

So let it break, let it shine, let it bend, let it bleed

And above all else my child, share it with those in need

You might be quite surprised when they give it back to you

Just try not to forget: Healing hearts is what I do.

david m. bailey, Aug 19, 2009 Earlysville, VA

2 comentarios:

lesly dijo...

What a beautiful piece of writing. Thank you for sending me the link.

Blessings to you

Cassiopeia dijo...

I love his music, and of course, the lyrics of his life.

By the way, your paintings almost made me cry! So much life!

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